Community Services


Adventist Community Services Center

Clothing Bank

1 Tenney Way, Brunswick, Maine

Phone: 207 725-7015



Covid-19: We have reopened. Guests are asked to follow proper safety protocols. Donors: Please, only bags in the bin, nothing loose. Loose items may be brought inside when we are open.

Open Regular Hours



4 pm to 5:45



9:30 am to 11:45 am

1:00 pm to 2:45 pm


(Closed on all Federal holidays)




Our mission is to honor Christ by serving with dignity persons in need of clothing and household items  and, from time to time,  by teaching basic living skills to those who desire to learn.


All items are free, but we do have an entrance policy of a dollar when possible. If anyone comes without a dollar, a simple "thank you" is fine. Some nicer items are made available for a small donation. 


Watch for an update when we open again


Our donors are the backbone of our operation. Thanks to their generosity, we have good quality clothes and other items to give away.

Please place all donations in the bin, or bring them on the days we are open. Items left outside are subject to loss and/or damage. and may cost us money to dispose of.

Items we accept:

  • Clothing - new,  and gently used -- always clean
  • Shoes - only new or gently used -- always clean
  • Household items - usable and clean
  • Kitchen appliances - clean and in good working condition
  • Children's toys and baby equipment (large items must be brought on days we are open)

Items we are unable to take:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics, TVs, computers, etc
  • Items that are broken, dirty, unworkable,  etc
  • Jewelry
  • Women's swimwear

Items we are currently in need of:

  • Travel size toiletries
  • Men's jeans and pants--all sizes
  • Men's tee shirts
  • Men's 2x and larger shirts


We are located on Union Street, directly behind Brunswick Hannafords--on the same campus as Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program and The Gathering Place.